Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cardinal Richelieu

in 1585, Cardinal Jean Richelieu, advisor to Pope James I of the Holy British Empire, was born in Paris. Richelieu was considered by many to be the most powerful Prime Minister the Empire has ever known; in many ways, James was just a figurehead. However, the Red Cardinal had made many enemies during his years as James’ red right hand, and on James’ death, Richelieu was deposed by James’ successor, Charles.

in 1799, the Mlosh theatrical company Grororo, loosely translated as The Rude Ones, performs before King George. Their incredibly earthy, slapstick comedy was a huge hit among British nobility, and was responsible for the birth of many copycat comedy troupes across the United Kingdom.

in 1228, Hindi poet/dramatist Harishchandra was born in India. The Rajahs allowed him much leeway due to his spectacular talent, but he finally went too far in his heresies. After the publication of Allah shall bow to Vishnu in 1252, he was seized and stoned to death.

in 1919
, reactionary Socialist governor Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts attempted to call out the National Guard to end the Boston Police Strike. The Brotherhood of Police Officers had called the strike to protest Coolidge’s anti-labor attitudes. When the Massachusetts Guard received the order from Governor Coolidge, Colonel Samuel R. Trask of the Guard refused to obey it, and the strike eventually brought down Coolidge’s administration.

in 1943
, New Reich troops began a 6-month siege of St. Petersburg. Fresh from their victory in Paris, troops pour into old Russia, and St. Petersburg is pummeled. No side truly wins the siege; both the Greater Zionist Resistance and the New Reich considered the loss of a million lives in the city a defeat.

in 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco recovers from injuries she suffered in a car accident. It could have been much worse, as her car almost toppled off of one of Monaco’s mountain roads.

in 4697, Captain Wu sends word ahead to earth that the Y’T’T’li have destroyed Yang Gao. As he broadcasts, his crew detects what appear to be several vessels following them; their point of origin apparently being Yang Gao. Wu adds on to his broadcast a warning to earth to be ready to repel invaders.

in 2003
, a NASA satellite picks up strange activity from Antarctica. Jacob Sheridan is alerted, and immediately flies to the South Pole.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

International cards

Cheap International Calls

Phone Cards

Phone cards
IP-telephony phone cards experience great popularity all over the world.
And it is not surprising, the newest information technologies offer Internet-users opportunities unattainable in the past.
IP-telephony is the most modern technology, that provides an alternative way of low tariff long-distance and international telecommunication by means of the Internet.
The use of Internet reduces the price of telecommunication multiple times!
How to call using IP-telephony?
You buy a virtual phone card on the Internet. The virtual phone card works the same way as a real phone card, but You receive a PIN-code — not a real card.
To use the card You dial specially assigned Access number, enter card’s PIN number after a prompt, and then dial the destination number.
This service contributes large savings and is especially important for firms and private individuals who frequently make long distance and international phone calls.
For example, one minute of usual phone conversation between USA and France costs 50 cents; with phone cards' use it costs 2.30 cents. Therefore you save up near 4.8 US dollars for each ten-minute conversation. Savings are significant, aren' they!
How to earn with IP-telephony?
As the question of savings is important for all peoples, IP-telephony becomes a very attractive direction for improving profits.
Within the framework of Affiliate Program company suggests it’s partners to participate in two Programs: “The Referral Program” and “Own Shop” as well.
Using already designed templates You create your own phone cards Internet shop and receive 10% to 20% from each sale.
What kinds of telephone cards does “Master-Bell” offer? offers a variety of high quality prepaid phone cards that can be used all over the world for domestic and Long Distance calls.
There are rechargeable and non-rechargeable phone cards, Permanent PIN phone cards with PIN Free Access feature; cards with limited expiration period and unlimited use.
Detailed information about telephone cards can be found on IRVIT phone cards.
Who are IP-telephony phone cards major buyers?
It is very important to understand which Internet users are most interested in IP-telephony services. IP-telephony cards are used for calls from different countries, but the majority of customers are residents of the United States of America (97%) and Canada (2%).
As a rule, residents of these two countries not only have an access to the Internet, but also use it actively to make purchases from Internet-shops.
Immigrants, students, tourists and visitors use long-distance communication for business or personal contact most frequently